Friday, April 26, 2013

My Dilemma: Sabahan oh Sabahan


Apparently i was asked by some of my friends to write about my trip to Sabah.
Well, all that i have to say is "Sabah is very Beautiful". What else i can say. Everybody that had been there also agreed. Trust me! it is very beautiful. I am amazed!

unless if you look at it at different perspective.

Even the most beautiful person in this world has her ugly side but when you decided to blind yourself with her beauty, you become bias.
The next thing you can say about her, even if she slapped you, is, "She's ... so beautiful." very dreamy kind of way.

So looking at different perspective, i am shocked actually, and tried so hard to act as though that i dont give a damn.
But you see, when your heart is not at ease, you become angrier from day to day and tend to become unusually honest.

  • why the living cost in KK is so high but the minimum wage is so very little? i am so shocked when i had a conversation with my friend telling me that the minimum wage of a girl who works at cellphone shop is RM300-400. For goodness sake! you are living in Kota Kinabalu and your wage is RM300 per month. Are you insane? How do you eat? Where do you sleep? How do you manage your salary? Did you do the extra hours to earn more? still, how much that is? Do please tell me! Dont this people feel oppressed? OMG! Wake up!
  • Secondly i know that tourism is very important in Sabah. but is that all? Every where i go and the people i have met, when you are Sabahan and you dont have any intention to continue your study to the tertiar level of education, you will either sing, dance, work at any hotel, work at the mall, or do what ever it is but only to feed you. Then you work only to look more handsome or more beautiful. What??? How about self improvement? self-development? Education? Knowledge? How about other sector? Agriculture? Industry? Manufacturing? Tourism is just a small part that contribute Gross Domestic Product. Sabah has so many sources! what a waste. Sabahan deserves to enjoy the product of their land, the profit that come out of the Land of Borneo! Not the Capitalist! 
  • The rich becomes richer, the poor become poorer! Capitalist every where! I went to Mersilau, Kundansang. There was a farm named Desa Dairy Farm where you have to pay entrance fee but still you have to drive on a dirt road. It's OK for the road to be a dirt road because it is, in fact, a farm. Later there's this place where you can feed the calf or kid. but unfortunately you still have to pay for the food and milk if you want to feed the calf or kid! There's a lot of hungry calfling over there. They were purposely unfed so that there will be terribly hungry and struggle to get out of the cage every time when they saw you holding grass or milk. How terrible is that? The visitor will feel sorry and started to buy more grass just to feed this hungry calfling. Even when they eat, they are making money for their master. I fed some of the calfling but cannot stop on cursing my head and said, "You little capitalist calfling! Lembu kapitalis. Kambing kapitalis. nasib baik aku kesian!" It was very sad to look at the workers, they all work happily without even realized that they are worth more than that. Looking at that place, im sure the owner is very rich. I feel bad workers. Dont they feel anything? Maybe because they have food, clothes and shelter, they are already happy with their life. Pffftttttttttt... Being too happy is never a good thing.
Hungry little kid!

  • The school! OMG! my friend who works at a school told me quite a lot. i think the kids there dont even care about education at all.. not all of them, but most of them especially kids that did not performed in class. i think it is not because that they did not performed, but they refused to perform! they dont know why they have to go to school. They just want to be like their parents : hotel worker, housekeeping, small farmer, lorry driver, restaurant worker etc.If your father is a driver, would you also want to be a driver? or you want to be the boss of that driver? or you open a business providing services? which one is better? why why why????

This is what i think. it is just an opinion. i only bring up points because there are too many and this is the most obvious that i just couldnt keep my mind shut about it.
GE13 is just around the corner. Flags.. Flags Every where.
Plus i dont even live there.. this is just an outsider opinion. they remind me of the Hobbit in the Lord of The Ring. Always in Hampshire, enjoying their comfort zone. Singing and dancing. apparently they got nothing better to do. Bilbo Baggins had wrote enough stories and i wonder whether that stories meant anything to them?

Im worried. Development does not mean i want to see a huge and tall building in Sabah. It is about the development of the people it self. The oppression has to stop. The kids have to be educated. People have to get out of their comfort zone. 
My one of Sabahan friend said he doesnt even care about  the politic. And he even does not know about what Mat Taib had done to Sabah.. WT.........?

Ok that's all. thank you!


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