Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I am a Hijabi Backpacker: Your Hijabi/Tudung/Headcover for Muslimah Backpackers

Assalamualaikum any Muslimah Backpackers out there..
Let us discuss some issues here.

I love to travel to so many places and the common problem faces by muslimah is WHAT IS THE SUITABLE HIJAB??
Chilling out at a Mamak Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah. April 2013
A few hours before flight and i was very
 sleepy and tired.
I dont know how you guy solved your problem.
But for me, alhamdulillah, i managed to solve this matter and now happy with my choice!

the suitable hijab for me is the one that dont have to be iron and long enough to cover my head and chest. Thus i chose pashmina. 
It is the best solution and suitable for all of my trip even involve with water.

However of course if you dont like to wear pashmina, you might used other suitable material which dont have to be iron. unfortunately in Malaysia, i found some other material but i could not afford it. hahahahaha
Maybe you guys can do a little bit of research and survey to find other kind of material that can be used to cover your head.

Some backpacker still wear hijab that need to be iron because they are comfortable with it. It's ok. The challenge is to find an iron. If you are intend to stay at a budget hotel, probably they will accommodate you with iron but maybe they dont. 

 i remembered once i stayed at a hotel in my own country, Malaysia. i dont remember where, maybe in Langkawi. i requested an iron which they did say they have it when my family and i checked in. they had not delivered it because actually they didnt have any. but whatever, i survived. LOL! So basically maybe you have to check whether they do actually have it or not.

It would be different if you stayed at your friend's house. plus she might be able to provide you a lot of accommodation compare to staying at a hotel. (backpackers must learn to make more and more friends whole over the world. it is very important as they might be used to you and one day they might need your help too).

trip to baling, kedah. we stayed at Alia's house(pink colour hijab).
LOL ofcourse we received great hospitality. free food!
However if you stayed at a beach house/guest house or very cheap budget hotel specify for backpacker, internationally, usually they dont have iron so be prepared with hijab that dont have to be iron. 
other alternative to get you hijab iron is maybe you have to go to the laundry shop to get it iron.. 
i dont know how much it cost. its depend.

Well generally, to have hijab that dont have to be iron at all is the best. And i prefer black colour because i dont want to attract to much attention by wearing bright colours during travel. Safety first :D
Even most of my friends found black, dark blue and other dark colour is suitable for travelling as it easily match with clothes. Ok. that's all. thank you
This hijab is quite expansive that i almost cry when i paid for it. dont have to iron, though.
Picture: Bukit Tinggi, Padang, Indonesia

2009. not so very long pashmina during tha time. :P

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