Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am a Hijabi Backpacker: I have no money

The thing is about being a hijabi backpacker.. i am also a student..
And this is suck big time..

I am depending on my parents for money.
so if they let me, i can go anywhere i want to go.. if they dont funding me, i am stuck!

this is so..... sad

I already plan my second trip, but right now i dont have any money.
my next trip is in the month of April but i have to buy the ticket this month to get cheaper price of AirAsia plane ticket.

I pray to Allah, "please please murahkan rezeki ku Ya Allah!"

i need RM200 hundred for this month to buy the plane ticket..
the trip will be 4 days. im not worry about where to sleep because i always get creative where should i sleep.
i have friends and relatives there.

But most vital right now is money for the ticket!!

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