Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am a Hijabi Backpacker: I have no money

The thing is about being a hijabi backpacker.. i am also a student..
And this is suck big time..

I am depending on my parents for money.
so if they let me, i can go anywhere i want to go.. if they dont funding me, i am stuck!

this is so..... sad

I already plan my second trip, but right now i dont have any money.
my next trip is in the month of April but i have to buy the ticket this month to get cheaper price of AirAsia plane ticket.

I pray to Allah, "please please murahkan rezeki ku Ya Allah!"

i need RM200 hundred for this month to buy the plane ticket..
the trip will be 4 days. im not worry about where to sleep because i always get creative where should i sleep.
i have friends and relatives there.

But most vital right now is money for the ticket!!

I am a hijabi backpacker: Trip to Penang and Baling, Kedah


It has been awhile since I updated my anybody cares..

i was busy as a final year student in law school.. now i on my semester break.
Last week, i went for backpacking trip to Baling, Kedah and Penang. 
i had a lot of fun sampai demam..unfortunately

My friends (Qis and Dafi) and I took a bus from Medan Gopeng, Ipoh, Perak.

Transnasional : Ipoh - Butterworth (RM9.90)

There is no bus or maybe i have overlooked if there is any...Once we reached there, we performed jamak takhir and took a bus from Butterworth to Baling
im not exactly sure what is the name of the bus but it is yellow in colour with stripes of other colour which i dont remember. The fare is about RM 7.

We reached Baling about 6.30 pm. and then my friend's classmate picked us up. Terima kasih Alia and family yang baik hati and menggemukkan aku. Delicious pasembor i ever taste sejak meninggalkan Kuala Kangsar. Rupa-rupanya di Baling ada pasembor sedap dijual dekat pasar malam pekan Baling.. :D

At 9 o'clock, Alia, Qis, Dafi and me went to Air Panas Ulu Legong, Baling...
Aku pernah pergi ke sana masa aku berusia 18 tahun bersama rakan-rakan ofis and bos aku ( i was a part-timer at a driving school).  and now im already 23..
a lot of improvement, much much more comfortable.. ada kolam tambahan, parking, bilik vvip. and more food stalls.
the accommodation is good and clean.. if you dont want to rent a room, you can actually camp there but you still have to pay for the site of course.  

To enter that place bayar RM6 for adult and RM4 for child.

Next morning we went to Penang. We stayed at a budget hotel in Georgetown.
Kami pergi ke Batu Ferringhi and Teluk Bahang.
Then the next day, on foot dengan our backpacks, kami track all the street art in Georgetown, Penang.
from 10am till to 5pm.. here's some photos of our journey!!!

we are Muslimah Backpackers!!!

We sat out with a map on our hands. We googled the locations of the street art before we when to bed the night before. Remember, before start a journey, always always do your research.

 This is our first discovery..

 This a small pekan called Little India, located in Georgetown it self. during this time, we were actually looking for breakfast. Deadly hungry!!!

Order like a boss!!

Delicious roti canai telur ever!! with awesome curry!
I love curry!!

During our search for Penang Street Art, we went to Han Jiang Ancestral Temple.
It's a beautiful temple. Actually this is my first time to enter a temple. I was afraid before because i never knew whether it is allowed or not in Islam.
But then i learn in depth about my religion of Islam and there's actually history of Muslim that enter and make solah in the temple and ofcourse facing kiblat.
And there was even Umar Al-Khattab that refused to pray in a church because he afraid that later muslims will pray at his spot and disturb the Christians. From this history, i concluded that, we are allowed to enter as long as we enter with appropriate intentions. Alhamdulillah everything is fine!

This is the Great Door of Han Jiang Temple.
Amazing craft.. i am impress. i always adore the Chinese culture.

decoration plaques in one of the gifts shop 

One of wall painting by a Lithunian artist, Ernest Zacharevic 

Found it at Armenian Street, Georgetown

"Boy on a Bike," at Ah Quee Street, Georgetown.

I dont know what to write anymore.. i am very talkative person but not very good in writing. i prefer photographs to say it all..

That's all.. Thank you!!


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