Monday, October 29, 2012

Our society despise love at young age!!!

Yes.. we can totally fall in love to someone who is totally non-related to us, even without knowing what love is and what we supposed to do with it. regardless of our age.. young or old, pretty or not. smart or...otherwise.

it just happened.. i know
im stressing here is about relationship between man and woman, total stranger.. not related by marriage or blood

 then it is a question, what should we do when we falling in love? what we supposed to do with it?

What i can derive from my whole life of observation of our society is that if you could not get marry yet (because financial problem, difficulties to commit, still studying, too young etc)
 we have to
  • texting, smsing, chatting
  • confess our love
  • dating, holding hand, hugging... 
  • watching movie
  • confess our love
  • eating together
  • going out together, spend more time together
  • bowling
  • holding hand, taking a lot of picture together
  • spend more time
  • spend some money (even though we have financial problem)
  • talking...confess our love
  • vacation (well..that money can be used for something else, but we just could not get marry yet!!!)
  • talking...bout future of marriage life..the name of future children

The society calls this kind of relationship between man and woman (or boy and girl) as couple, lovers, sweet two lovebirds, bf-gf thinging.. or what ever

Well that's the thing!!! the issue is our norm has poisoned our youth!!

the youth this day has been raised in a society that despised marriage at young age, but allow dating...
which some couple, actually a lot now, has taken it a little bit too far than usual of Malaysian's value (i.e : sex)
they go Hollywood now.. trust me.. they do..

It is true that, "Kecik-kecik jangan gatai nak bercinta lagi!"

but it is also true that, "TAPI  Kenapa KAKAK/ABANG/JIRAN/PAKCIK/MAKCIK tu buat, takpe pula??"

what is your reason for not allowing them to involve in haram relationship if you actually involve in it?

"kau kecil lagi?", "you are too young?"
nanti kalau adik tu tanya, "bila baru boleh?"
you probably said, "dah kerja nanti."  or "dah masuk universiti nanti?"
well and then the kid will ask, "tapi kenapa kakak senior form 4 tu boleh..classmate adik pun ade boyfriend or girlfriend."

We stuck people!!!!
We are eventually ruining our youth!

Instead getting mad at them, despised them or mocking them.. i think it is appropriate for us to educate them..
human mind becoming mature even faster by knowledge regardless of their age..our brain, especially at young age, absorb knowledge that will define who we are and the choices we made.
we must put our trust on knowledge

 in order to educate them, let us educate ourselves first.. let us do our research and make our contribution to society by teaching our young generation.. educate our selves to educate ourselves to help them..
be a leader to yourself to lead other..

this photo is totally not related but i put it anyway.....   location: ipoh

DO your RESEARCH people!!!!.. WHAT IS LOVE?

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