Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soldier Dad surprised his son

this soldier is an American Soldier.. in his heart there is love.. i am a Muslim, but that never stop me to see who he really is..
Islam teaches me that love is a nature of man..Allah created us that way..   <3<3<3<3

i have been watching a lot of Soldier Dad video on youtube today.. i cried so many time.. I love my Daddy!!
my Daddy is not a soldier but he is a fighter in his own way ( no gun, ever.. he love to do charity and help people a biggest inspiration)...

this one is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god!! may Allah bless this man for loving his son so very much!!! he wrapped himself in a box like a present.. when his son opened it, he was so surprised!!! awwww.... so cute!!!!

And this is my dad... he just came back from Cambodia for his Eidul Adha mission in rural area at Phnom Penh, Cambodia..

Alhamdulillah!!! i have the best father in the world!!!!  

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