Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love like a strong knot

"The Prophet ﷺ used to sit and listen to Aishah (RA) talk for hours and he would enjoy his conversations with her.  Aishah (RA) used to ask him what his love for her was like. He would tell her it was like a strong knot. So sometimes, Aishah (RA) would tease him and ask him how the knot was doing. He would tell her that it is stronger than ever."


Aishah r.a is a very special and lucky woman.. she is one of the wives of Prophet Muhammad pbuh in dunya and Propeht's wife in the Jannah..

Their love is a love until jannah..
Their love is exemplary..

I was erred and immature..  Then i found that maturity doesnt come with age but with knowledge..
why i discredit age? because i see a lot of people live in denial despite their increasing age ...
they still act like they will never die, and do idiotic act and screaming YOLO..   -_-

i always thought that it is ok that when we are young, it is ok to be wild, free and make a lot of mistake

but then i realize that whatever i did, do or will do is actually going to define my whole life, and who i am going to be..

Alhamdulillah.. knowledge that Allah gave to me has opened up my mind and my heart to see even more clearer... and then i found that
Love can either bring you to jannah or to hellfire...

to love... you have to know what is love, why love, how to love, who to love, where....???

Basically... we have to make our research before we go deep into love so we wont regret the consequences.

and where to seek sources, material for our research?
 look at the best textbook in the world : Al-Quran,
 look at the best example: Prophet Muhammad pbuh...
ask question to the right teacher : Ustaz and ustazah, ulama, scholar  :)

Aishah r.a is someone i look up to because she is one of the closest woman to our Prophet.. she is exemplary, she is blessed slave of Allah, a wife to the a great man and a loving daughter..

She is a woman who had experienced LOVE like a strong knot.. Subhanallah..   :D

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