Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Soft Visit to the Khairiyah Orphanages

that's what my fellow volunteers called it, "Soft Visit"

i remembered my father told me, "You can not just go there and teach.. you have to go there, and talk with them first.. make yourself comfortable. get to know them. you need to bond"

so that the purpose of soft visit.

It was quite sudden, actually because the previous group trip was cancel.. after my personal visit, they immediately planned for group trip...So my friends (Ili, Nasrullah and Zack) and me had a small meeting and agreed to just when with it.. and we had a small problem in determining activities that we will do.

on 14th of October 2012, i came there again to visit my new friends but the second time, i brought a few more volunteer with me.

Alhamdulillah.. Allah grants us easiness..

On that particular day, we did facepaint!!!

It was a lot of fun...YEAH!!!!!!
even though Ili, Nasrul and Zack couldnt come but I managed to get some other volunteers to come with me..
i never met them before, however because we have the same objective, we manage cooperate really well..

i had a lot of fun!!! Thank you adik-adik from Khairiyah 
and thank you also Zafirah, Affefa, Amilah, Faiz Roslan, and Mahfuzur for coming!

I am so happy that six of us, managed to make the children of Khairiyah smiles and when a little bit wild that day..

Faiz.. showing his painting skill!!

This is the scariest doremon i ever met... nice painting by faiz!!!


This is a foreigner volunteer..Mahfuzur.. it is great to have you on the team!!! yeah!!!

this is her second facepaint.. seriously!!

This is everybody!!!   :)    me gusta!!

Alhamdulillah... i hope our objective to bond is achieve!!1   :D

May Allah grant you guys jannah for putting smile on their faces.. amin!!!

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