Monday, October 29, 2012

Jihad.. prepare for it.

prepare our Deen, reasoning...

prepare ourselves with knowledge.. Get to know Allah and Prophet Muhammad pbuh..fall in love with them

Understand Islam  :)

Our society despise love at young age!!!

Yes.. we can totally fall in love to someone who is totally non-related to us, even without knowing what love is and what we supposed to do with it. regardless of our age.. young or old, pretty or not. smart or...otherwise.

it just happened.. i know
im stressing here is about relationship between man and woman, total stranger.. not related by marriage or blood

 then it is a question, what should we do when we falling in love? what we supposed to do with it?

What i can derive from my whole life of observation of our society is that if you could not get marry yet (because financial problem, difficulties to commit, still studying, too young etc)
 we have to
  • texting, smsing, chatting
  • confess our love
  • dating, holding hand, hugging... 
  • watching movie
  • confess our love
  • eating together
  • going out together, spend more time together
  • bowling
  • holding hand, taking a lot of picture together
  • spend more time
  • spend some money (even though we have financial problem)
  • talking...confess our love
  • vacation (well..that money can be used for something else, but we just could not get marry yet!!!)
  • talking...bout future of marriage life..the name of future children

The society calls this kind of relationship between man and woman (or boy and girl) as couple, lovers, sweet two lovebirds, bf-gf thinging.. or what ever

Well that's the thing!!! the issue is our norm has poisoned our youth!!

the youth this day has been raised in a society that despised marriage at young age, but allow dating...
which some couple, actually a lot now, has taken it a little bit too far than usual of Malaysian's value (i.e : sex)
they go Hollywood now.. trust me.. they do..

It is true that, "Kecik-kecik jangan gatai nak bercinta lagi!"

but it is also true that, "TAPI  Kenapa KAKAK/ABANG/JIRAN/PAKCIK/MAKCIK tu buat, takpe pula??"

what is your reason for not allowing them to involve in haram relationship if you actually involve in it?

"kau kecil lagi?", "you are too young?"
nanti kalau adik tu tanya, "bila baru boleh?"
you probably said, "dah kerja nanti."  or "dah masuk universiti nanti?"
well and then the kid will ask, "tapi kenapa kakak senior form 4 tu boleh..classmate adik pun ade boyfriend or girlfriend."

We stuck people!!!!
We are eventually ruining our youth!

Instead getting mad at them, despised them or mocking them.. i think it is appropriate for us to educate them..
human mind becoming mature even faster by knowledge regardless of their age..our brain, especially at young age, absorb knowledge that will define who we are and the choices we made.
we must put our trust on knowledge

 in order to educate them, let us educate ourselves first.. let us do our research and make our contribution to society by teaching our young generation.. educate our selves to educate ourselves to help them..
be a leader to yourself to lead other..

this photo is totally not related but i put it anyway.....   location: ipoh

DO your RESEARCH people!!!!.. WHAT IS LOVE?

Teach For the Needs.

We are looking for more volunteers... also donation to help this organization to provide free tuition for the needy

Click this link Teach For the Needs.. it will directed you to TFTN Official Facebook Page!!!
Come and join us.. or you can help us by giving donation, material for teaching etc!!!

Let us built strong ummah! :D

Just Another Red Bus in Pekan Ipoh

Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Nikon D5100

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soldier Dad surprised his son

this soldier is an American Soldier.. in his heart there is love.. i am a Muslim, but that never stop me to see who he really is..
Islam teaches me that love is a nature of man..Allah created us that way..   <3<3<3<3

i have been watching a lot of Soldier Dad video on youtube today.. i cried so many time.. I love my Daddy!!
my Daddy is not a soldier but he is a fighter in his own way ( no gun, ever.. he love to do charity and help people a biggest inspiration)...

this one is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god!! may Allah bless this man for loving his son so very much!!! he wrapped himself in a box like a present.. when his son opened it, he was so surprised!!! awwww.... so cute!!!!

And this is my dad... he just came back from Cambodia for his Eidul Adha mission in rural area at Phnom Penh, Cambodia..

Alhamdulillah!!! i have the best father in the world!!!!  

Love like a strong knot

"The Prophet ﷺ used to sit and listen to Aishah (RA) talk for hours and he would enjoy his conversations with her.  Aishah (RA) used to ask him what his love for her was like. He would tell her it was like a strong knot. So sometimes, Aishah (RA) would tease him and ask him how the knot was doing. He would tell her that it is stronger than ever."


Aishah r.a is a very special and lucky woman.. she is one of the wives of Prophet Muhammad pbuh in dunya and Propeht's wife in the Jannah..

Their love is a love until jannah..
Their love is exemplary..

I was erred and immature..  Then i found that maturity doesnt come with age but with knowledge..
why i discredit age? because i see a lot of people live in denial despite their increasing age ...
they still act like they will never die, and do idiotic act and screaming YOLO..   -_-

i always thought that it is ok that when we are young, it is ok to be wild, free and make a lot of mistake

but then i realize that whatever i did, do or will do is actually going to define my whole life, and who i am going to be..

Alhamdulillah.. knowledge that Allah gave to me has opened up my mind and my heart to see even more clearer... and then i found that
Love can either bring you to jannah or to hellfire...

to love... you have to know what is love, why love, how to love, who to love, where....???

Basically... we have to make our research before we go deep into love so we wont regret the consequences.

and where to seek sources, material for our research?
 look at the best textbook in the world : Al-Quran,
 look at the best example: Prophet Muhammad pbuh...
ask question to the right teacher : Ustaz and ustazah, ulama, scholar  :)

Aishah r.a is someone i look up to because she is one of the closest woman to our Prophet.. she is exemplary, she is blessed slave of Allah, a wife to the a great man and a loving daughter..

She is a woman who had experienced LOVE like a strong knot.. Subhanallah..   :D

First Soft Visit to the Khairiyah Orphanages

that's what my fellow volunteers called it, "Soft Visit"

i remembered my father told me, "You can not just go there and teach.. you have to go there, and talk with them first.. make yourself comfortable. get to know them. you need to bond"

so that the purpose of soft visit.

It was quite sudden, actually because the previous group trip was cancel.. after my personal visit, they immediately planned for group trip...So my friends (Ili, Nasrullah and Zack) and me had a small meeting and agreed to just when with it.. and we had a small problem in determining activities that we will do.

on 14th of October 2012, i came there again to visit my new friends but the second time, i brought a few more volunteer with me.

Alhamdulillah.. Allah grants us easiness..

On that particular day, we did facepaint!!!

It was a lot of fun...YEAH!!!!!!
even though Ili, Nasrul and Zack couldnt come but I managed to get some other volunteers to come with me..
i never met them before, however because we have the same objective, we manage cooperate really well..

i had a lot of fun!!! Thank you adik-adik from Khairiyah 
and thank you also Zafirah, Affefa, Amilah, Faiz Roslan, and Mahfuzur for coming!

I am so happy that six of us, managed to make the children of Khairiyah smiles and when a little bit wild that day..

Faiz.. showing his painting skill!!

This is the scariest doremon i ever met... nice painting by faiz!!!


This is a foreigner volunteer..Mahfuzur.. it is great to have you on the team!!! yeah!!!

this is her second facepaint.. seriously!!

This is everybody!!!   :)    me gusta!!

Alhamdulillah... i hope our objective to bond is achieve!!1   :D

May Allah grant you guys jannah for putting smile on their faces.. amin!!!

Rumah Anak Yatim Khairiyah, Jalan Kapar, Klang

I volunteered under a NGO named, Teach For the Needs. TFTN provides free tuition to the needy such as orphans and kids who their parents unable to afford tuition. so basically, ill be volunteering to provide free tuition for these kids. i am a little bit worry since my English is not so proficient and i am depending on the spell-checker to make sure my spelling is alright. but i still have time to prepare myself. May Allah help me to build a strong and educated ummah..   :) 

i am very excited and eager.... i have a new vision in my life and for the first time in my life, i am determined to work for it. 

so, on 4th of October 2012, i went to an orphanage in Klang as directed by my fellow volunteer for my own personal visit to actually have  a look at the kids, the place where one day ill be giving free tuition to them.

The headmaster of the place is Encik Bani. i had interviewed him and it is quite disturbing for me when he mentioned the kids behave differently in front of guests and the committee that taking care of that place.

some kids were avoiding me, especially teenagers. and the small ones, a little bit hesitate at first and later become very friendly. I made some new friends that day.  Even thought not much, but it is enough for me to plan my next step.

They needs attention, a good role model  and some one who they can talk to..

I wish i can be that person.. for Allah and this kids, i have promised myself to be a better person so i can help this kids to have a better life and to be with them in Jannah.. Insyallah.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

If you want a husband like Prophet Muhammad pbuh, be like Aisyah r.a


Assalamualaikum wrt

This is my first post of this blog.. the title of the post said it all..

I am a girl...just another muslim girl.. but i am determined to be a TRUE MUSLIM

I believe in jannah.. and i also believe in the existence of it.. picturing a heaven but never actually want to chase after it is like watching a paradise-on-Carribean-Island advertisement, i want to go there but never actually made any effort.

So, i will and would work for my jannah and find my spouse who also want to strive for jannah..
I want to be like Aisyah r.a who has the most romantic husband in the world which is our Prophet.
I never expect perfection but i wish my future husband is a person who love Prophet Muhammad and follows his Sunnah..

And this is my journey

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